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Why print area matters

Why do we include the area (cm2) in our sizing options? Why does that matter? Isn’t the dimensions the only thing that would matter? Why total surface area is useful to understand when buying artwork: They both matter as they both give us different information! We provide dimensions so that[…]

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Why canvas prints are so popular

The canvas itself is a sturdy material, coated with a finish that adds a layer of protection against sunlight. This makes them very long lasting. Artwork not hung in direct sunlight can last over 100 years. Frames are built in so they are very sturdy. Because canvas prints are not[…]

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Small vs large artworks

Bigger is always better right? Not necessarily! While large artworks create the biggest impact, small canvases look great in different spaces. What size artwork you want to purchase depends on your budget and where you are intending to display it. Here are some ideas for how to use different sizes;[…]

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How to hang and size art correctly

Not sure what size canvas to buy or how to work out what should go in your space? There are a few easy guidelines to follow to make sure you are getting the art with the most impact for your room, and are positioning it correctly. We promise its not[…]

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