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Custom frame quote

For more information on each option, please refer to our about page for custom framing. Or if you are unsure of anything you are welcome to contact us directly.

How big will your print be?

Size of print

Would you prefer a smooth gloss frame or a wood frame?

Frame type

Chose your mat board options

Mat board

Chose your glass type

We have 4 types of glass to chose from

Chose your backing type

2 choices of backing material

  • Print size
  • Frame
  • Mat Board
  • Glass
  • Backing

Print size

Size of the print itself, not the total size of the artwork. Don't worry if you haven't ordered the print yet. We can help you out with that! If you are tossing up between a few sizes, please list each size. E.g 60cm x 40cm, 30cm x 20cm etc

See picture for differences in frame types

Glossy frames are available in black and white. Wood frames come in 6 different shades. Don't worry about the exact colour you want right now. We can quote you as long as we know which category you want. Exact colours can be decided later

Please quote me for a:

Custom cut mat boards

Don't worry about the exact colour you want right now. We can quote you as long as we know how thick you want your mat board to be. Exact colours can be decided later.

How thick would you like it? (Distance from edge of picture to start of the frame on one side) Please tick all that you would like to be quoted for.

Our range:

Clear glass

  • Great budget option
  • 2mm thick
Non reflective glass
  • Matte finish to reduce glare and reflections
  • Great for well lit rooms
  • 2mm thick
UV glass
  • 2.6mm thick
  • Stops 99% of UV rays from reaching your print
  • Protects image from fading
UV non reflective glass
  • 2.6mm thick
  • Has both the benefits of UV glass and non reflective glass.
  • 99% UV resistant, and shows minimal reflections
  • The best option for those wanting to ensure the best artwork protection and ease of viewing.

Please quote me for:

Options include:


  • Great budget option
  • Rigid and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Acid-free to protect the print
  • Flattest image mount

Please quote me for:

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