Custom Canvas

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Why print area matters

Why do we include the area (cm2) in our sizing options? Why does that matter? Isn’t the dimensions the only thing that would matter?

Why total surface area is useful to understand when buying artwork:

They both matter as they both give us different information! We provide dimensions so that our customers can measure a wall space and find an appropriate artwork,  or visualise how much space a certain one would take up. So why then does cm2 matter?

Lets take a look at our panorama range as an example.

Lets start with our 60cm x 20cm size. To work out its total area we use the formula:

Length x Height = Area

60 x 20 = 1,200

This gives us the surface area of the artwork in cm2. If you imagine a grid overlay on the canvas, there would be 1,200 squares of 1cm by 1cm. Sounds like a lot! But how is this useful in comparing sizes? Lets have a look at what happens when you double the dimensions of the canvas.

120 x 40 = 4,800

We doubled the dimensions, but the area of the canvas is 4x the area of the smaller size! Looking at area sizes of artworks gives you a quick glance at how much more value a size increase is. For example our 60 x 20cm float framed canvas is $212. While our 120 x 40cm is $426. The larger size has 4 times more area, yet only around double the price. This is a massive increase in value!

Our panoramas are made from massive resolution files as a result of creating the final image out of 4-10 stitched single images. An increase of 4 x the area is massive when you think about how much extra space there is to show finer details. Take a look at this image. Can you spot the carving on the cave wall? (click on image to view full size)

It’s there! Here’s a 100% closeup of the original image. On our smallest panoramic size you will probably not see the carvings. But size jumps can quickly start revealing more fine details.


Total area is an easier measurement when comparing both how much value a larger size is and how much more detail you will be able to see. This goes for when we print your images as well! Assuming we receive a good quality digital camera image, the increase in area, value and detail size might help you decide between 2 different sizes. Of course there is no point buying a larger canvas if it will be too big for your intended space. Dimensions will always be important in your decision. But do keep in mind total area when deciding between 2 sizes, or looking at the value of any artwork.