Custom Canvas

Print your own image

Show off a special moment, event, person, animal or prized possession with a canvas print. Canvas prints are a popular way to bring a wow factor to your spaces and keep memories fresh. We want your prints to look beautiful! And we will never print a large canvas with an image that doesn’t have enough resolution. All uploads are checked that the quality of the image matches the size requested. We are happy to help recommend different sizes when needed!

Just like with all print formats, starting with the highest quality image is essential for getting the best results. Make sure you chose a good quality image for the size you want printed. The bigger the canvas the better the quality will need to be. Do not print anything that is saved from the internet e.g facebook, or any other website for sharing photos. These images how been downsized in quality for web and will not look good printed. If it is a picture from your friends facebook for example, ask them to send you the original file without any downsizing.

Phone camera images work well on small prints. For large or medium prints we recommend files from a recent model digital camera. If you have purchased a digital camera in the last few years then chances are you aren’t going to have any issues printing large, assuming you had your camera set to take the highest quality images possible.




Please use this form to upload your images, along with your required size for quoting. We will check your image to ensure it will print with good quality for your size and get back to you with a personalised quote as soon as we can.